Tuesday September 16, 2014

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"While senators from across the country were lining up to vote, Begich was fundraising in Hawaii" http://t.co/6752QU3Xvr #AKSen
ICYMI: Paulette Simpson argues @MarkBegich has failed to live up to the legacy of Uncle Ted http://t.co/I6cYbqLPoB #AKSen
.@DanSullivan2014: @MarkBegich is hurling desperate personal attacks because he has no record to run on https://t.co/afzq2YFUi8 #AKSen
RT @nrlc: We stand with Dan Sullivan in the #AKSen race! RT if you do too. http://t.co/F26lRqTZSX #prolife http://t.co/FrbTE6PbNg
RT @RJCHQ: Never mind the spin: behind-the-scenes consensus among political pros is Dems losing #KYSen #LASen #ARSen #AKSen http://t.co/6Ft
Join The Winning Team - http://t.co/6udrlKeuBk
RT @davidhulen: Alaska: a frontier for bad polling "In every single race, the polls have shown a Democratic bias" #aksen http://t.co/ig1QYT
More proof @MarkBegich lied to Alaskans on #Obamacare http://t.co/sDaNynjRIp "If you like it you can keep it" https://t.co/PumJzTNgSO #AKSen
For your weekend dose of @MarkBegich hypocrisy...Begich is against Outside spending in every race but his own http://t.co/aPabxrsJkY #AKSen

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