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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Alaska Republican Party is to promote the principles upon which our country and State were founded; advocate fiscally-sound, common sense solutions to the unique challenges facing Alaska; defend the family; and serve as Alaska's leading grassroots political organization. We also seek to elect and appoint to public office Alaskans with integrity committed to enacting solutions consistent with these principles.

Statement of Principles:

Alaska Republicans Believe:

The United States of America and State of Alaska were founded on the fundamental principles of life, liberty and freedom. Government must preserve individual freedom by protecting constitutional rights and observing its own constitutional limitations. Our country, our people, and our constitutions must be honored, respected and defended. We are strengthened by family, faith, personal responsibility and accountability. In the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death. Our national defense must be strong, viable and second to none. A well-educated population is fundamental to our continued success.  Parents have the primary right, as well as the duty, to control and direct their children’s education.  The free enterprise system is the most successful means of achieving economic justice. The entrepreneurial spirit, which forged our State, should be nurtured and not burdened by excessive governmental regulations. Alaska's stewardship of its resources demonstrates that responsible development and environmental protection are compatible.  We should expect ethical conduct, transparency and accountability from our elected and appointed officials.

Platform Planks:


A. We support balancing the budget and creating trade surpluses. We oppose spiraling deficit spending, believing that Alaskans, indeed all Americans, will suffer the consequences from it.

B. We support lowering federal taxes and keeping Alaska free from statewide personal income and sales taxes. Taxes must be constitutional, fair, simple, less burdensome and more transparent.

C. We encourage economic investment in Alaska by providing fair and balanced taxation, stability, and sustainable resource development to keep Alaska competitive. We specifically support reducing taxes collected under ACES.

D. We support the free enterprise system and oppose government entities providing services that can be provided by the private sector.

E. We support equal access for non-union contractors to government and school       district projects without mandating that contractors sign project labor agreements.

F. We support protection of the Permanent Fund, inflation-proofing and continuation of the dividend payment and encourage no significant changes to these without a vote of the people.

G. We support continued legal immigration, but believe illegal immigration harms our country and demeans its rule of law. Blanket amnesty for illegal aliens should not be offered.

H. We support expansion and significant improvement of Alaska’s transportation infrastructure to encourage development and better access to more areas of the State. We must nurture Alaska’s role in global transportation.

I. We support the development of energy and technology infrastructure to facilitate business investment in Alaska.

J. We recognize that international trade is important to Alaska’s economy, and support increased trade between Alaska and foreign countries.

K. We approve Alaska as a right to work state.

L. We support returning control of the monetary system to Congress as Article 1, Sections 8 and 10 of the U.S. Constitution require, ensuring a sound money supply.

M. We support limiting government regulation related to economic development only to that absolutely necessary as provided in the U.S. Constitution.

N. We oppose the use of public funds to bailout or subsidize private entities.


A. We support the State of Alaska aggressively securing the transfer of lands guaranteed to it in the Statehood Act.

B. We support active management, access to and reasonable incentives for the      responsible development and commercialization of all Alaska’s resources.

C. We support the utilization and development of National Petroleum Reserve Alaska (NPRA) and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), and the opening of the Coastal Plan of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)to oil and gas exploration, development and production.

D. We support accessibility to Alaska’s fish and game resources and their management by the sustained yield principle.  We support subsistence harvesting and the rights of all Alaskans to hunt and fish.  We oppose farmed salmon and halibut and foreign interception of Alaska-bound-salmon on the high seas.  We support active management of predator-prey-relationships to achieve established population and human harvest objectives through the most responsible means available.

E. We support Alaska natural gas delivery systems for the development of Alaska      resources, industry, and consumer use.

F. We support the rejection and repeal of reporting, taxation and regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.

G. We support the public’s inherent right to access federal & State lands and waters for recreational purposes.

H. We oppose the management by or forfeiture of any of Alaska’s resources to the United Nations or any other international governmental organization.

I.  We support the transfer of State lands to private ownership according to Article 8, Section 1 of the Alaska constitution.


A. We support parental choice of public, private, charter, vocational and home-based educational alternatives for Alaska’s students. Parental involvement, high academic standards and innovative competition improve education. We support tuition tax credits and vouchers to expand educational options and parental choice.

B. We support accountability in public education, including measurement of student academic achievement and cognitive ability by standardized testing in reading, writing and mathematics. We support local control of public education provided it does not limit competition or parental choice. We oppose all federal control of or influence on education. We support the parental right to have access to all educational information reaching their child.

C. We support daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance, including the words “under God,” proper display of the United States and Alaska Flags, and active promotion of patriotism in our schools. We also support teaching the accurate historical Judeo-Christian foundation of our country and the importance of our founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, federal and State constitutions, and other founding documents.

D. We support the teaching of Alaska’s history and geography with appropriate acknowledgment and respect for Alaska Native people, cultures, and languages.

E. We support requiring active, written parental consent before teaching sex education. Any curriculum must be age appropriate, abstinence based, and teach prenatal development. We oppose teaching or promoting alternative sexual lifestyles as legitimate or desirable. We also oppose distribution of contraceptives in our schools.

F. We support teaching various models and theories for the origins of life and our universe, including Creation Science or Intelligent Design. If evolution outside a species (macro-evolution) is taught, evidence disputing the theory should also be taught.

G. We support legislation that would allow competition in the State’s education system, including alternative paths to certification, elimination of tenure, and allowance for merit-based pay compensation for public school employees. We support strong right to work laws. We support the elimination of administrators’ unionization.


A. We affirm the family, defined as people living together related by blood, marriage or adoption, as the foundational unit of society. We embrace the definition of marriage in our State constitution as the union of one man and one woman. We support reserving marriage benefits to this union alone, and reject the Alaska Supreme Court directive to do otherwise.

B. Recognizing that Alaska law already protects all Alaskans, we oppose the insertion of “sexual orientation” and “transgender identity” in the list of protected classes under anti-discrimination laws for the State and its political subdivisions.

C. We support policies that minimize government intervention and control of the family. Parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children, including the right and duty to appropriately discipline and to require active, informed prior consent for all medical care, including access to abortion, psychological testing and counseling.

D. We support actively combating social dysfunctions in Alaska, including fetal alcohol poisoning, abuse, domestic violence, promiscuity, suicide, substance abuse, and pornography.

E. Human embryos are complete human beings at the time of conception; therefore, we support a ban on embryonic stem cell research. However, we support adult and cord blood stem cell research and oppose human cloning.

F. All people have worth regardless of their age, ability or disability. We reject assisted suicide and  deprivation of food, water, or care to hasten death, or involuntary placement of Do Not Resuscitate orders (DNR).

G. We endorse the Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Man is made in the image of God; therefore, we embrace the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until natural death. We heartily encourage our elected officials to use every legal means to protect the pre-born and recognize their worth and personhood.

H. We emphatically support the repeal of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act of 2010, better known as ObamaCare. In its place we support real health care reforms to address spiraling costs,  improve quality and availability, and reduce the number of uninsured people by embracing consumer choice, personal responsibility, health savings accounts, reduction of unnecessary regulation, and limits on defensive medicine and liability costs through tort reforms. We support competition and free enterprise by limiting government involvement and any restriction on the private sector. We oppose increasing federal control of health care and forcing taxpayers to pay for elective abortions.

I. We oppose any and all federal, State or local government-mandated health exchanges, government committees that ration health care or other government-mandated health care regimes. Individuals have the right and responsibility to decide, direct and control their own health matters. This includes choosing or rejecting medicines, supplements, vaccinations, health care providers, medical treatments, procedures, and diet. The choice includes traditional, allopathic and/or alternative methods.

J. We believe expansion of gaming and gambling is detrimental and oppose it.


A. We believe in a judicial system that supports a strict, literal interpretation of the United States and Alaska Constitutions and recognizes the sovereignty of our laws and state’s rights without references to foreign precedent.

B. We support capital punishment for certain heinous crimes. We further support strong mandatory minimum prison sentences for all persons, including minors, convicted of committing crimes with deadly weapons or force.

C. We support strong mandatory minimum penalties for all violent felony crimes, especially sex offences. We support public registration for persons convicted of child molestation, and vigorous enforcement of laws to prohibit production, sale, and distribution of child pornography.

D. We support Alaska’s constitutional provision that criminals, regardless of age, make restitution to their victims. We support sentencing convicted criminals to meaningful work as part of their obligation to provide restitution.

E. We support limiting governments’ eminent domain powers to public use only. This must not include forced transfer of property from one private party to another.

F. We support a change to the Alaska Constitution that would eliminate the practice of the Alaska Judicial Council to limit the list of potential appointees to only those it finds “qualified.” The council could still give its rating, but the Governor could choose a nominee from all applicants.

G. We support providing victims of crime and the Alaska Office of Victims’ Rights standing to be heard in criminal proceedings.

H. We support the right of the accused in jury trials of criminal cases to argue both the facts alleged and the merits of the law under which they have been charged, and we recognize the right of the jury to judge both facts and the merits of the law and agree that the trial judge shall inform them of such at the outset of each jury trial.

I.  We oppose the targeted killing or detention of United States citizens without due judicial process under the Constitution.

J.  We oppose criminal use of marijuana.


A. We support peace through strength, believing that a strong military helps ensure a free United States. We support all who serve or have served our country and commit to support them and their families.

B. We support an active, aggressive worldwide war against terrorism.

C. We recognize Alaska’s strategic military location and unparalleled training opportunities and welcome the expansion and/or preservation of forces in Alaska, including our Active Duty, Reserves, Alaska National Guard, Naval Militia, Coast Guard and Alaska State Defense Force.

D. We support the operation, sustainment, and further development of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense System in Alaska as part of a layered ballistic missile defense that protects all 50 states.

E. We strongly believe in the readiness of our homeland defense and recognize that every citizen has the responsibility to support and defend our liberties. We support securing our national borders as an essential component of our national defense.

F.   We support developing, producing, deploying and using weapons and equipment advanced through active research and development so our military forces will be properly equipped and protected.

G. We believe compensation and conditions for our armed forces in place at the time military service is initiated should be sufficient to attract and retain quality men and women as we honor our promises and commitments to veterans, retirees, and their families. These shall continue and not be reduced or otherwise diminished while in service or upon separation or retirement.

H.  No longer will the United States engage in foreign conflicts under the policy (rules of engagement) of “proportional response,” but the policy of the U.S. in these conflicts shall be left to the discretion of the theater commander.

I. We oppose granting the same legal protections to non-U.S. citizens committing acts of war against the U.S. as are inherent to U.S. citizens.

J. We request the Department of Defense use existing world class facilities, infrastructure and workforce readily available in Alaska before expanding to other locations.

K. We support the immediate repeal of any or all portions of NDAA FY2012 that are or may be in violation of the U.S. Constitution.


A. The right to life, liberty, and property is bestowed by our Creator and every human being deserves protection under the law from the moment of conception until natural death.

B. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The Alaska Constitution does the same, underscoring this as an individual right. We oppose Federal, State, and local laws that infringe upon this right for law-abiding citizens, including registration or licensing of firearms or firearm owners.

C. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution reserves to the states and to the people all rights not expressly granted to the federal government. This reservation gives the State of Alaska sovereignty and management authority over all land, navigable waters and resources within its boundaries. We oppose all federal laws, regulations, mandates, actions, and executive orders that exceed the powers granted to the federal government.

D. We support and defend equal access to development and utilization of natural resources for the maximum benefit of all Alaskans, as guaranteed in Alaska’s Constitution.

E. We support the preservation of private property and access rights of all individuals.

F. We support just compensation for any regulatory taking.

G. We support the right of Alaska’s citizens to own subsurface mineral rights.

H. We recognize the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects as guaranteed in the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; recognize the right of the people to be secure from any search or seizure that violates the 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination; and oppose legislation that violates these two Amendments including, but not limited to, any Act, and the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. Furthermore, we propose that those sections of these acts be repealed immediately.

I. Statutes should not refer to rights in the Constitution as privileges.























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